We offer a comprehensive range of concrete services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With a focus on quality, innovation, and reliability, we deliver excellence from project inception to completion.

Caste in Place Concrete Sunrise SAK Builders
Caste in Place

Whether Post-Tensioned, Pre-Stressed structural systems or highly visual architectural concrete, the SAK Builders Cast In Place (CIP) Structures Division will deliver turnkey concrete solutions for your project. Depending on that of our client’s needs, we provide multiple services.


Reinforcing Steel
Reinforcing Steel

We understand the pivotal role reinforcing plays in construction.

From enhancing structural integrity to optimizing timelines and costs, it’s the cornerstone of successful projects.

Our expertise in post tensioning and steel reinforcing sets us apart, ensuring premium results every time.


We offer innovative solutions tailored to a variety of projects, providing both expertise and inspiration.

Beyond traditional applications like below-grade and overhead structures, we excel at identifying value in less obvious areas of your project, optimizing volume, reinforcing, and more.

concrete finishing

Our expertise extends beyond structural elements to encompass precise concrete finishing. Our seasoned Finishing Division comprises professionals with extensive experience in this domain. We recognize the importance of meticulous attention to detail for various concrete finishes, which is why we offer specialized services.

small projects
Small Projects

Whether it’s a tenant retail space, seismic retrofit, stormwater detention, courtyards, smaller-scale project foundations, or commercial plazas our team will deliver. We provide full turnkey concrete projects, on a smaller scale (typically under $1MIL) and is able to meet expectations of expedited schedules and logistically challenging projects.

concrete patching

Since concrete is an industrial product, it may require attention to its finish after it has cured. Weather is a constant enemy to placing concrete. Our Patching Division has multiple crews available to smooth over rough areas and address highly visible zones. These scopes vary from rained out slabs, architectural concrete, tilt-up warehouses, and many more.